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Joelle Randle | EclecticEdgeJoelle Randle originated “EclecticEdge” in 2010. She continues to build her brand and cultivates congenial client bonds, while keeping highly networked with other industry specialists. Ultimately, she will launch the EclecticEdge Clothing and Jewelry.

Joelle has paid some “design dues” while interning in California for Jessica Paster. Jessica is listed in “” as one of the Twenty-five most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood. Joelle fitted movie stars, and made frantic runs to posh designer boutiques to convert high-end merchandise. Joelle learned immeasurable expertise from one of the best. This premiere style for EclecticEdge has worked with many amazing artists, models, and photographers around the U.S.

Joelle has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in “Apparel Studies” from Stephens College, (one of the Top 5 Fashion Colleges in the U.S.), where she was educated with a powerful fusion of skills. She is knowledgeable in all facets of the industry, composes creative concepts and has become a trend forecaster. Joelle’s fashion sense combined with her knowledge of world acclaimed high-end designers, as well as pop culture trends is breathtaking. Her many attributes including graphic art, compliment her natural fashion genius.

Joelle flirted with fashion and developing costume designs in her teens while attending Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. She interned with Halston at the Fashion Institute Gallery (FIG), and Barse Jewelry also in Dallas, in addition to many other companies. Joelle attended Teen Vogue University in New York, as she was selected from several thousand applicants.

There is much that awaits this electrifying artist as she continues to make an impact on EclecticEdge clients, while embracing risk-taking opportunities to build her brand. Welcome to the journey with Joelle.


EclecticEdge creates the “Wow Factor” to meet your fashion needs while styling for your red carpet event, to revamping your wardrobe, photo shoot or music video. FASHION.  EclecticEdge creates the “Wow Factor” to meet your fashion needs while styling for your red carpet event, to revamping your wardrobe, photo shoot or music video.
EclecticEdge will develop ideas for your image and appearance including hair possibilities, wardrobe, makeup, website direction,  portfolio, photoshoot, and more.
We specialize in Women or Men’s  select styling for your red carpet events, charity fundraisers, stage performances and television appearances.  We also generate fashion editorials, print campaigns, music videos, commercials and more.We work to architect an amazing contemporary look, professional style, casual chic, a stunning glam style or a new and edgy streetwear style.  We work with many amazing designers and showrooms for wardrobe.We also do consulting and closet auditing I only need styling inspiration or a subtle or dramatic wardrobe twist. This allows us to show clients what they should keep and what they should toss from their closets and how to build their wardrobe.
Feeling lost or frustrated when it comes to your style sense? Or, perhaps you’re getting frustrated flipping through magazines, or scrolling page after page online.  Allow Joelle Randle, Personal Stylist of EclecticEdge to advance your style and share her creative inspiration. Joelle’s Style Development method has helped hundreds of women look like the most authentic version of themselves, and has given creative direction in styling men.What’s Included:

  • A personalized digital blueprint that outlines your new sense of style.
  • An analysis of your current sense of style with recommendations on how you can improve, plus kudos on what you’re doing right.
  • Downloadable worksheets, style challenges, and shopping lists to help you continue on your style journey after your virtual experience with Joelle is completed.
Ever wish you could have a professional stylist analyze your style? Well, now you can.! With Joelle’s Style Assessment service you can find out what your style says about you, and what you can do to improve it. With this powerful package of style, discovery, and professional insight, you will be on your way to a better fashion persona in no time.What’s Included?

  • An in-depth personal analysis of your current sense of style with recommendations on how you can improve, plus kudos on what you’re doing right.
  • A selection of clothing/accessory recommendations hand selected by Joelle for you to purchase online.
Expect to receive an efficient and effective fashion transformation.  Through her 1-on-1 styling packages, Joelle will successfully invent a new you! Get ready to become the most powerful (and stylish) version of yourself.What’s Included:

  • 30-minute ‘Style Awakening’ phone session with Joelle
  • 45-minute virtual ‘Style Discovery’ session with Joelle
  • Eye-opening style exercises that will help you discover your true self
  • A personalized ‘Style Roadmap’ that visually outlines your new sense of style
  • Joelle shops and styles a variety of looks for you while you go live your life!
  • 3-hour in-person styling session with Joelle
  • A personalized goodie bag filled with useful items to help you feel your very best
  • 30-minute virtual follow-up session to help you maintain your look








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